• Experience-workplace tour
    in SAKAI

  • Experience-workplace tour
    in SAKAI

  • Experience-workplace tour
    in SAKAI


You can observe Japanese Sword production process!
It's a special fabrication technique that has been passed down through generations!

Powerful workplace performance!
Popular tourist spot in Sakai!

Attention! Workplace temperatures heat up by nearly 60°C in summer!!

150-year history of traditional craft of Japan.
The sword has been dedicated to the temple's five-story pagoda of National Treasures in Nara.

This Scythe has dedicated to the temple's five-story pagoda of National Treasure In 1947 when the Horyuji was renovated. It is said the Scythe made from harden steel has the power against the evil.

Achievement of Mizunotanrenjo

Mizunotanrenjo present a memorial sword to the champion of All Japan students sumo wrestling championship. Mr.Wajima highest rank in sumo and successive sumo wrestler star have the memorial sword by Mizunotanrenjo.
Mr. Mizuno third-generation was awarded a commissioner prize of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency for his Japanese kitchen knife in National traditional craft exhibition in 1981, it’s before Sakai’s blade specified national traditional.

The unique way of making Sakaiuchi is anealing base steel and blade steel. The Portuguese introduced guns and tobacco to Japan in the latter half of the 1600's.

The present for the participator!

Each participator can get one nail clippers for souvenir.


Our staff will be with you the whole journey,Japanese, Chinese ,English available!
Participation cost
15,000 yen(tax included)/each person
The aggregate/dismiss position
TOYO Building1F(Five minutes' walk from the Sakaihigasi Station,Nankai koya Line)
10 tourists (available from 5 tourists)
Time required
About 2 hours
Service included in the participation fee
Bicycle rental fee, observation fee, Lunch fee
Please participate with the clothes easy to move.
You can also change your clothes by using the washroom at the aggregate position.
We can keep your baggage at the aggregate position.
Please tell us your height so we can prepare you the bicycle for your size.
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